Although you have probably already spent a few hours exploring the utensil wing at the famous "Museum of Soup" in Camden, NJ, you may not know that our museum has a collection of soup spoons through the ages rivaling theirs.

We have examples of recently unearthed soup spoons from the early Neolithic site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. These spoons are the first evidence of differentiation of soup spoons from the even more ancient dinner and tea spoons.

We have an extensive collection of Chalcolithic soup spoons from Cyprus, Petra, Peru, and Susa. From the Bronze age, we have spoons from Troy that may have fed the warriors in the Trojan War. We have examples of soup spoons from Classic Greece, and then the Hellenistic world. We have a full spectrum of Roman soup spoons, from the simple spoons of the Republic to the elegant and even decadent spoons of the Empire. Although some call the ages Dark, we have examples of Visigothic and Frankish soup spoons to indicate that mankind never lost its love of a decently served soup.

We have spoons from China, spoons from the sultans, and spoons from the Pacific Islands.
We think you will join us in our sense of amazement with the
"Wonderful World of Soup Spoons"!