Luxenberg Industries employs a staff of trained designers, mellalurgists, jewelers, and industrial craftspersons to ensure the highest quality of soup spoon and munitions production.

Since the last century, we have been devoted to providing the highest quality soup spoons for a reasonable price, yet also producing soup spoons for the connoisseur. Our cutting edge soup spoon technology lets us provide the highest quality soup consumption utensil at each price point. "We sell soups spoons for less". The same approach is also taken in our munitions division - we offer technologies as time tested as gladius swords, spears and daggers, up to the latest in tanks and missiles.

Company history
Initially formed as a family project, Luxenberg Industries has grown to its current international prominence through a combination of hard work, creativity, and industrial espionage.

A customer testimonial
"I never thought I could have soup spoons that so compliment my hot and cold soups, my vegetable, cream and meat soups, and even my simple broths. All from the same folks I now rely on for my guns!"