Some of our finest spoons!
Although we have far too many spoons to display on the web, here are some of our favorites. Many homes are now being built with dedicated utensil storage rooms to allow you to really go wild, but we understand some families are limited to only a half dozen or so types of soup spoons. Here are spoons no home should be without.

Callaloo spoon: Whenever enjoying the thick, creamy soup made with okra and, often, crab meat from Trinidad and Tobago, use this spoon to concentrate the flavors to the mid-palate to allow maximal enjoyment without cloying aftertaste.

Fasolada spoon - This traditional Greek bean soup could easily bend or even snap a standard spoon. Our titanium reinforced spoon will have even the grumpiest dinner companion smiling!

Cullen Skink spoon - This delicious fish soup made with Smoked Haddock, potatoes, onions and cream comes from Scotland, but the steel in this spoon is entirely from swords recovered from Viking burial sites.

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